Constant level of protection of personal data

Rapid technological and internet development has brought new challenges for the protection of personal data. Every day, businesses collect, share and exchange a major amount of personal information, which can be legally processed only under strict conditions and for a legitimate purpose.

SOUR.CE can assist companies which gather personal data in fulfilling all legal requirements which are set by national and EU legislation.

We offer and outsource┬áData Protection Officer services tailored to your businesses in order to ensure that your user’s, client’s or employee’s data is processed without misuse and in compliance with data protection laws and industry best practice, including adjustments to the new set of rules introduced by EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will apply as of May 2018.

This service is offered in cooperation with Aphaia, UK which holds the CIPP (Certified Information Privacy Professional).

Aphaia: Regulation and CSR Consultancy